Officer Down

So yesterday morning I was driving home from therapy and I notice all of these blue flags tied onto fences.

 Then I notice the flags.

 I mean there were a TON of flags.

 All down 1600 N in Orem they were everywhere on both sides of the street.

 It was really lovely, and of course it made me pause and wonder what was this all about.

 I passed the Orem Cemetery, I saw it was also full of them, and I guessed what it was.

After very little research I found out that it was part of the funeral service of an officer killed in the line of duty last week.
Here is the story:

Long and the short, Doug Barney, 18 year vet of the police for, father of 3, cancer surviver, killed when responding to a traffic incident, working that overtime shift to pay for his cancer treatments.  He and his partner were shot. Doug shot in the head, died. He partner shot one bullet trough both legs. 
Whatever your belief about guns, and gun violence and the police and everything. This just made me so sad, and I wanted to remember. 

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