Christmas Piano Recital

After months of practicing the same two songs several times a day, Mirah’s piano recital was finally here!

We got her all dolled up in her Christmas dress an she was, “nervified.”

But wonderful and excited too.

We even painted her nails!

She had just worked so hard practicing and getting ready.

No more pictures mom. 


The recital was held in the home of one of our ward members.  Mirah’s teacher Korin, welcomed the group.

Mirah was doing her best to sit up and pay attention.

But that only lasted a few minutes.

Poor Karl.

We listened to the planned program.

It was Mirah’s turn. They had set aside a couple of chairs for parents and loved ones to watch up close.  We moved up.

And watched with utter delight!

So proud of my lady!

She was still so proud of her nails!

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