Christmas Day 2015!

Merry Christmas 2015!!! 
We were up earlier than the rest of the gang, seeing what Santa Clause brought us.

Santa brought Mirah a Doc Mc Stuffins Coloring book, a Lamby Dolly, a new lantern, and Doc and Chilly figurines. He also added bunches of candy a couple of My Little Pony’s.

It all got dumped out and played with immediately.

Here we try and talk about it. 

We finally got Lucas up.
He also loved his stocking.

To be clear that dino puppet was from Betsy the night before.

Mirah and Mom.

Lucas and his new truck.

Mom and Dad made it down stairs in time for us to do our Soft Enough for a King tradition.

We then moved into opening presents from Mom and Dad  (me and Karl) and Hite Grandparents.
Lucas loved his gift from his Grandma Hite.

Like this now much beloved Elsa and Olaf toy box. There was also an Anna box that he sat and played with for an hour as we got breakfast ready.


While the gang worked on Christmas Breakfast, Maryn and Leah shoveled the snow away. 

Meanwhile inside, little smokies were being rolled up in croissant rolls. 

Adam had arrived and the crepes were on their way.

Fruit was sliced and the table was set.


Time to open presents. 
Maryn gave everyone gifts from the shop she worked for until it closed the day before. 
Karl got a unibrow. 

We gathered.

Gifts were opened.

A pink Stethoscope!!!

Lucas’s first Christmas, and first time opening gifts.

The time came for us to go to the movies. The Hites had agreed to take the kids while the grown ups in my family went to see Star Wars.

A Date on Christmas! I was a happy Mama!



All ready with concessions.

So we got home, and started making dinner.

Flash forward to 10 PM, both kids in bed, dinner is served.

Prime Rib…

Table set.

Meat cut.

We had delicous bacon almond lemon green beans, fully loaded baked potatoes, and sparkling cider that went with it.

We went to Qualtrics for some late night game play at 11:00.

We did a quick tour before we started.

Brandon and Leah played pool, road scooters, and even took a nap in the message chairs on the 3rd floor.
Then the games were on. It was the ladies and Karl. We played Colt Express.

I pooped out after that. They all stayed and played Alhambra. 
T’was a very merry Christmas. 

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