Christmas Eve with the Pipkin’s

So when we got home my family was much less far along in their night than we thought that they would be. We walked in and they were singing and dancing and laughing along to Mariah Carry’s “All I Want for Christmas.” We all joined in on the merriment as my family finally sat down for dinner. 
Deluxe Chilli dogs and delicious Mac n’ Cheese 
Dinner was finally done, so we moved on to another tradition:
The Christmas Eve Box! 
We all got our new PJ’s 

The kids got these sweet matching little numbers. 

The rest of us, in an homage to my Dad’s Inn n Out shirts we all got Inn N Out shirts for our Christmas PJ’s this year.  
Now pics in front of the tree…
Belle and Dad with purple plastic pants. 

Lots of treats like these English Gummy Babies. 

Our movie this year:
Muppet Christmas Carol. 
The perfect Family movie for Christmas. 

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