Sledding with Bleah

Snow is falling all around, on the house tops on the ground!
Branny and I shoveled the side walks together a couple of times during their stay. Here we are on Wednesday morning. Shoveling again. 
It was late enough in the morning that Mirah was up and wanting to play in the snow. 
She asked us if we could get her sled out. 
She complained that the hills here were too small. 
Haha. We had been talking about going sledding for a while now, and since we didn’t have enough snow las winter to even make it once, we decided today was the day. 
We got Mirah all suited up in her snow suit and coat. 
We got Lucas dressed too. He fell asleep during the process. His suit is still a little big for him. 
While the rest of the gang got ready Karl and Mirah got started out in the street. 
We got all packed up and headed over to Cascade Park. 
Branny and Lucas enjoying together. 

I love this picture. 
The sled was ready to go, so was Mirah. 

Up the hill…
Then down again! 
Mirah was totally in love with sledding. 

She loved to have a riding partner. 

The Bros. I also love this picture. 

Mirah had lots to say about it. 

Little cutie. 

Family Photo!!

The Eugene Pipkin’s 

Me and my Bro.


Lucas ready to go sledding…

Just kidding. 
The closest he got was riding slowly with mirah for a second. 

Neither one of them tolerated it very well. 

Once Lucas was off, Mirah started to wilt. 

So we decided to head home.

Hours after we got home, it started to snow again. The weather has gotten REALLY cold since this day.  Turned out it was the PERFECT time to go out and play in the snow. 

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