North Pole Express

One of our first plans of Christmas was the going to the North Pole Express. 
Karl’s always generous parents bought ALL of us tickets, First Class Tickets! 
We made it out to Heber after a few wrong turns. One time and ready to go!
Since we were in first class out train car was the first cart. 
So we had to walk all the way to the front of the train. 
Sweet Grandma Hite gave all the kiddos a little toy she bought in the gift shop. 
Jude was really excited to show me his bear. 
Asher got a raccoon. 
A black bear for Sawyer and a moose for Ethan. 
Mirah’s beary bear. She named HER Baby Mirah. 
Nick got a baby. 😉
Karl too, although Lucas got a little black bear to love too.  
Malia got a baby too. 

Time quickly came to get an the train. Our helper Elves, Buddy and Tinsel helped us onto the train. 

Mirah was really excited!
The Mississippi Hites. 
The Pipkin Hite’s 
Mom and Dad Hite and Malia. 
The Reddoch’s 
Lucas had slept the whole drive out so we was just waking up as the train got going. 
The train was a ton of fun. We sang Christmas Carols and joked about Santa and the North Pole. 

We enjoyed little babies. 

We enjoyed each other’s company. 

Enjoyed some more babies. 

We got some cookies. 

Listened to some fiddlers. 

We had some Delicious Coco. 
Mrs. Clause came onto the train to share her cookie recipe and sing some songs with us. 
We finally made it to the North Pole!
And look who was there waiting for us!?!!
The North Pole! 

Then he came onto the train!!!
He gave each of the kids a bell, a lovely bell that made a lovely jingle. 

MIrah was so excited to Meet the man, the legend, Santa. 

Her bell.

We all got them. 

Then we sang Jingle Bells again at the top of our voices all the way back!
The conductor came and punched out tickets. 
And as members of First class we all got our very own North Pole mugs and candy canes. 

Mirah snuggled with her Grandparents as we came into the station. 
And Lucas and Malia did some snuggling too. 

A super fun night. We all loved it. 
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for an amazing memory and a night we will never forget. 

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