Pipkin Family Photo Shoot

So it was finally time to do the Pipkin Family Photo Shoot!
After much discussion and debate we ended up taking our family photos and the Qulatircs Gardens.

Our Photographer was our old family friend, Triana Tanner Ord.

She was very concise and enthusiastic and good with the kids. It was really fun.

Her Facebook:

Her Website:

To be clear the following photographs were taken by me, Karl, and my sister Maryn. I will post Tirana’s pics in a later post.

So, we were all there, and looking FABULOUS. 
Look at these ladies. 
I love my sisters so much. 

Everyone was so wonderful, smiling and although there was a little drama getting here, things turned out so wonderfully. 

Long nailed little baby scar face. 

Post photo shoot chill session. 

Dad was sick, but happy to be with his family. 

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