Inn n Out

When you are with family is in from out of town every outing is special.
Even a quick errand and fast food. 
For lunch of Saturday we went to Inn and Out. We all got a new T-shirt for Christmas and Lucas was excited to check them out. Leah was excited to show him. 

Maryn didn’t partake of the food, but she did buy her shirt and hang out with the gang. 

Mirah on the other hand had the FULL Inn n Out experience. She got a paper hat, a couple books of stickers, a burger fries and a shake. 

I love Karl in these pictures. So emotive. 
The place was PACKED so we opted to eat outside. It is crazy how warm it was that day, it was in the 40-50’s and really not uncomfortable. 
Even so after a while Mirah started to get cold, so Leah offered her her jacket. 
Mirah was happy to take it. 

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