Belle’s Birthday Party

After such a full day, we found ourselves back at our house with a ton of Indian take out from Bombay house. We sat around the table eating rice and naan and bright colored food.

After dinner was gifts and the happy birthday song. 

Bell didn’t want cake or ice cream. She wanted rice crispy treats.  
The big activity was the long awaited viewing of Return of the Jedi. 
We all gathered to watch together. 
Cameron was there. He came all the way down to hang out and be with us. 
Kelsey was there too. Brandon and Leah came the farthest distance to be with us 😉 
Krystin came too. Then of course Adam, Belle, Karl and me. 
It has been a long long day. We had been all over Orem/Provo. We had watched a movie been out to dinner, had a party, been to a baptism, had Indian food, had pancakes, been reunited with loved ones, seen little children dance. We were beat. 
I didn’t make it through the movie. 
I love you Belle!!! I am so glad we could spend the day together. 
Happy Birthday! You are so wonderful and you bless my life everyday!

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