Boxing Day and a Maiden Voyage

The day started like all good days do, Breakfast out to eat.

Breakfast at Joe’s Cafe makes everyone happy.

These were KP’s leftovers.

WE got home and were still excited to be playing with toys.

Karl got his new Christmas gift, a RC plane.

He spent the day building it, and then we took it to the park to try it out.



KP came, and there was still some snow on in the field to make thing went and cold.

Karl and Lucas, making some last minute adjustments.

Videos of the crashes that happen immediately after flight.


We had given up, so then got in the car.

The went home to watch some TV and take a nap.

Then they moved because dinner was going to start…

What was dinner?

Traditional shepherd pie.

Kids happy to sit with uncle Branny.

After dinner, we had a ukulele sing along.



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