Christmas Day

Christmas day dawned bright and for all of us.

You can’t tell by the faces of my children, but they are annoyed that I made them wait to go down stairs so I could take a picture of them. 

But, after taking the picture I realized I really need to pee, and so then the kids were even more annoyed with me.

Here is Lucas, looking at me, tiredly, imatitenly, while I pee.

Ok, back to the stairs.

And I said: GO!

Even before her gifts, Mirah saw that Santa had come!

There had been a present explosion!

Before the rest of the gang came, the kids checked out what Santa brought them. Mirah got a grip of My Little Pony’s 

Lucas got at cars bumper track.

The we dove inside our stockings.

Mirah got her first fidget spinner.

Lucas got CANDY.

Okay, now everyone was calm. We did our Christmas tradition of putting the baby Jesus in his manger, that we had made “Soft Enough for a King” with our service to other during the holiday season.

Then we gave the kids our big family present:


The others slowly made there way up and more gift unwrapping ensued.

Like this gigantic Lighting McQueen from Grandpa Pippy.





And this amazing wizard poster for Karl, from Branny.

And then this…


Also this.

An RF ID, for a new blog that Karl gave me for Christmas.

My family loves me.

Speaking of family!

Chelsea got her very own Moon Boots!


The kids were not done getting gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. Here is an amazing car track.

And Star Wars Guys.

Grandpa and Grandma Hite got lots of stuff too.

After gift present time.

I asked the kids to take a picture with one of their favorite christmas gifts, and this is what I got.

After gifts, yes Lucas had a lot of chocolate that morning,  Uncle Adam made everyone crepes.

And I made pig in a blanket as per our family tradition too.

Around 2, I gave my family a kiss goodbye and the rest of us piled into the Pipkin-Litster’s car and headed out to Thanksgiving Point.


And even though it was my third viewing, I really enjoyed it with these beautiful people.

We got home, and started making dinner.

We had these amazing violin carolers, I felt so happy to be a part of this.



Lucas was asleep from the drive home from Day Break, and slept through the whole thing.  And almost missed dinner too.

Dinner time!

We had a delicious, indulgent dinner.

Baked Mac n Cheese.

Stuffed Mushrooms.

Then PRIMO sirlon steaks and a salad.

The gang.

Dessert, Tiramisu.



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