Lucas in January

This boy- he is one wild and crazy kid. He is in a phase where he loves to run around and be silly. He LOVES to laugh and be tickled. He loves to sit and read. If I am looking at something on my phone or computer, he wants to see what it is.

Winter wanderlust has set in hard for Lucas. He wants to be out of the house and right in the action. I have been doing all I can to schedule outings for this boy while Mirah is at school. Below we are at the mall play place. He was in heaven. Running from one activity to another.

They have this new big butterfly there and he climbed up the back and slid down the wings about 15 times in a row, and would knock over any kid that tried to get in his way…we’re still working on that.

He loves to run away.

Lucas celebrated his half birthday this month too. YES, Lucas is only JUST two and a half. It was kind of a wake up call. I am already referring to him as my three year old. He is just so big. He is still so little. We celebrated with a could of little cakes.

This kid LOVES cheese and boiled eggs and popcorn and pizza and chicken nuggets and noodles.

He won’t sit in the child seat in the shopping cart. He insists now on squishing up at the front of the cart like this:


He is showing great emotion and love for people in pictures. Like this one of Maryn and Theo.

Trying to share a cracker with them.

He is doing so well with hair cuts these days. He got another one this month.

We went really really short this time.

This kid. He is just so silly! He insisted that I help him get this pig nose on so he could sit on my lap, look me right in the face and snort snort snort and laugh the whole time too.

I love this wonderful child.

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