Ice Castles

So family home evening was going to the Midway Ice Castles.

I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle soup. And the kids ate and were ready before Karl even got home.

After a short drive, we found ourselves at the Homestead Crater. They are hosting the Ice Castles this year. It was fantastic.

It is such a cool backdrop for pictures.

The lighting was tricky.

It was so magical.

Our first stop was a cool slide.

The kids just wanted to hug the ice.

We stood in line, and it was finally our turn.

Down slid Mirah!

The me, then down came Lukey.

Another little slide.

The new electric light wall this year.

There was a long line for the rainbow light slide. You have to be tall enough to ride, and so Karl and Mirah went and got on, and me and Lucas went back to the little slide.

We went back just in time to see both of them come shooting out a rainbow lit slide.

The kids loved to find tiny tunnels to squeeze through.


Then there were the fountains. They were everywhere, but this one was our favorite.


Last set of pictures, the Ice Thrown.

We said farwell and walked back to where the shuttle would pick us up.








After all the time in the cold, we thought hot coco was deserved.

Lucas like to keep us on our toes, so as we were walking to the counter to check out he dropped his cup on the ground and it got everywhere. 🙂

Still a fun night.


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