Karaoke Night

DISCLAIMER: OK, so I am aware this post isn’t going to be as amusing to anyone who wasn’t with us that night, I am posting a bunch of videos of us singing loudly in a tiny dark room. BUT it was such a fun night, when I wasn’t expecting it to be, and I just want to try and remember how much fun we had together.  This might be a boring one for you dear reader, so go ahead and skip it, I  understand, and won’t be offended.

BRANNY!!!! He finally made it to town. We had been missing him so so so so much! Belle wanted to wait to do a fun night out for her birthday until Branny got into town! SO the night that he got in, we all went out!

Our first stop that night, Blanca’s La Petite Bakery on Center Street in Provo.

Got got treats and relaxed and talked together.

Branny and his Kro-nut.

His first ever Kro-nut. He had never heard of it, or had one before.

Karl got a chocolate filled croissant.

Belle had a couple of Macaroons.

Adam got a Kro-nut. So did I. Mine was a dulce de leche one. It was AMAZING.

Next stop, Heart and Seoul Karaoke in Provo.

And let the craziness begin!




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