Festivus with the Hites

Well, since my parents and everyone was supposed to be in town, we were trying to do a Pipkin focused Christmas. BUT we still wanted to be with our Hite family. So a couple of days before Christmas, we had a dinner together. It was a Festivus themed dinner.  You know Festivus for the rest of us, from Seinfeld. We had a spaghetti dinner:

Image result for seinfeld spaghetti

It was amazing.

For dessert me had Snikers bars.

Related image

The plan was to eat them with a knife and fork like George Costanza, but it was more plates and silverware that we didn’t want to use.

The there were the feats of strength. Which turned out to be Karl bench pressing the children.

The we did the “Airing of Grievances.”

I was bummed because my parents weren’t coming because it turned out my dad’s pace maker was infected and would have to been in the hospital and have surgery over Christmas break.


After the Festivus stuff was over, we did the kids gift exchange.

Malia had our family for Christmas, and we scored.

She got the kids PJ’s and made them hats of their favorite stuff.

Mirah picked My Little Ponies.

And Lucas was of course Cars.

We Face Timed with Granpa Hite, and the kids loved to see him. Poor guy was at home alone for Christmas.

Lucas was excited to show Grandpa his new jammies.

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