Getting Home, Forgotten Carols, Moving Forward

So for a person who is debilitatingly depressed and anxiety ridden the key to success:

So getting up and getting going after a wonderful trip home was key. I had to keep the good times rolling.

Check out what I saw in the parking lot of Costco on my way out that morning:

So we are officially done with breastfeeding. 🙁
The good news, I found this formula that Lucas loves and is 1/2 the price of the name brand!

In another effort to get out and have a nice day, I finally met up with my sister Krystin for lunch.

So fun to see her. The kids loved it too, especially Mirah. Grateful for Krystin coming to see it. 
We got home from Lunch and my sweet friend Kami came over. She hung out with the kids while I got the Christmas decor up. She even helped me fluff the Christmas trees, my least favorite thing. 
As always, grateful for her. 
Here are me and Mirah afterwards. 

Then, I felt so good I even made dinner! Yes it was a box of hamburger helper, but I made it and my family was fed .
Then, for the first time ever, Me, Belle and Adam went to the Forgotten Carols! Karl stayed home with the kids. 
The music was so wonderful. 
It was Adam’s birthday. He was CRAZY busy that night so they only had time to drive through Dairy Queen and get a dessert, then open some gifts at our house before the left to get home and fill out college applications. 

It’s Friday morning now. I can hear Lucas waking up in his room next door (yeah that happened last night) The week has been OK. 
Preschool, and trips to the Library:

Trying on new outfits from Grandma

Finally deocrating the tree:
(Mirah’s first solo attempt:)

It’s been a good week. No snow despite the cold. 
I love my family. 

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