Friday & Saturday & Sunday

The next couple of days went by in a haze of time spent together. 
Much of Mirah’s time was spent at the kitchen table playing with play dough and talking to her grandparents. 
Even grandpa go into helping Mirah roll out the “dough” and make “cookies” 
Lucas sat in his bouncer and played or was held. Grandpa especially loved to hold Lucas. Mom and I went to go see Kathy at one point and while we were gone my dad help Lucas the whole time. It was really sweet. 
We made a stop at mom’s classroom to get toys to play with and books to read. 

We picked up some math manipulatives to build with, mom showed us some of the sweet things that her boys built. The rule is No Guns. But they love to make “light sabers” and “swords”

And men, holding swords.
Oh no, a man holding a gun. 

Mirah and me and grandma had a blast building that afternoon. 
We caught a movie while there. 
The Good Dinosaur.
PASS. It was terrible. I will never watch it again. Yikes. 
Saturday morning.
We went out to breakfast. I had heard about this great breakfast place called the Broken Yoke and wanted to try it.   
But MAN was it expensive! 

The portions were gigantic though. 

Mirah and Grandma really fell in love this trip. 
My little princess. 

Speaking of love:

The night before we left we were having trouble getting the boy to fall asleep. Mom as always offered her help. She took Luke, and sang to him:
After the kids were in bed, mom let us sneak out to see a movie together. It has been too long since Karl and I went on a date. We saw the last installment of the Hunger Games. Stressful, but really good. 

Sunday Morning dawned cold and bright. Dad and Karl gave me a blessing. I didn’t sleep well that night, worrying about leaving my peaceful home. Knowing I was going to miss my parents. It has been a while since I have felt I have needed them so much. What a blessing they are to me and my family. 

The view from the car as we drove away.
My sweet parents. They love each other, and us so much. 
Even though we left early, the drive home was fraught with traffic,

Then the snow started. 
In the end it added a couple of hours on to the already long trip.
The bright side:
The kids did great. Karl is my best friend. We made it home after a great trip home. 

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