Going back to Cali, The Imperial Valley Day One

We rolled in at about 1 AM California time,  (yes that is 2 AM mountain time)
Mom and Dad had left the door open and the lights on for us. But they were still so sweetly excited despite the hour to see us.  The kids were all excited about being there and so getting back to sleep ended up to be no simple task.

We didn’t get to sleep until 3 or so, but Grandma and Mirah were up reading together until 4AM! Sweet Grandma and her Mirah were so excited to be together.

The next morning dawned bright windy and warm. We had breakfast at home then went out early looking for an adventure.

Our search landed us a Bucklin Park.

The cute duckies. 
Mirah was so excited to run around and play after a long day and night in the car. 
Mom and Karl looking on, enjoying the sun and the wind. 
Mom and Lucas snuggling. 
We came home to get out of the wind, and Grandma began to unroll her waves and waves of activities and toys. Including with cool Christmas hat.
And this BYU Barbie that Grandma Denny left her. 
This is a crown grandma got at girls camp, that Mirah wore even minute we were in the house.
Mom hung out with Mirah and we went out to grab some lunch.
Lunch…at Johnny’s. 

Avocado sauce and cheese fries. 
We also got a carne asada burrito and tacos. 
Food coma afterwards. 
In the afternoon we went out to visit aunt Kathy and watched TV.
When Dad got home we went out to dinner:
Me and Dad. 
I joined mom and got the child’s combination plate. 
And a special quesadilla. 
After dinner, we went to Vons for some last minute Thanksgiving buys.

We were still all tried from the sleep deprivation the night before so we all turned in early. 
Here we are in my old childhood bedroom. 

I fell asleep looking at the same star stickers I grew up falling asleep to.
There is just something special about visiting home. 

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