Just a Week

So it has been just an odd week. Not too much has happened, and yet lots of stuff has happened.

First to mention:

I’ve Been Sick this week: 
So getting up has been a little rougher than normal. Mirah has been in rare form as far as dressing and feeding herself these days.  I am always awake, but slower than normal. I was nursing Lucas while taking both of these pictures. Rather than wait for my help, she has opted to get dressed. And climb up to the freezer and get ” breakfast.” Yes, that is an otter pop. 
We were disagreeing about this hat. She was instant that it fit. 
Another sick consequence; missed trimming this guys nails.
So scratches on his perfect face. 🙁

Lucas is Really Cute:

Look at this laughing little face. 

Fun Firsts to Mention:

Christmas toy catologs are begining to arrive. This is the first time Mirah has taken it and just wanted everything in it. It was cute. It made me remember doing the same thing as a kid when the FAO Schwartz catalog came. 
First school picture finally came!
Aren’t they awesome???

Veteran’s Day, first snow day of the season: 
She begged all morning after her dad showed her the snow from our bedroom window. 

in action:

Karl’s a Great Dad:
Well we knew that. 
But some photographic proof. Here he is reading to the kids.
Lucas is getting old enough to sit up and listen. 
More proof from later in the week. The kids were up all night. Karl kept her on his side of the bed to save me from her many kicks. I knew he had done it, so I hugged him. He said that night he was being attacked from all sides. You can see how happy he is feeling here. 
Still sick later in the week, but I could start eating a little: 
Finally had food on like Wednesday. 
Little victories 

We did have a rough day of preschool that day, and we took Lucas to the doctor with an eye infection…but still, little victories. 
Still dressing herself, in odd ways: 

Yes, socks on top of tap shoes. Love her. 
Karl took Friday off:
We tried to sleep in…sigh, got up and rolled out nice and late and went out to lunch. We got Dim Sum, out favorite. 
We stopped by Maryn’s for a little while. 
She had also been sick, so was at home resting. 
We got there and she turned on some Neil Young and we just hung out. 

Finishing winterizing the yard:
Mowed the lawns, unhooked the hoses, and we did this little project:
Already making out lives easier. 

Long and hard and exhausting week.

Feeling thankful for my good husband and cute kids. Our warm house. Our reliable cars. Karl’s good job. The Book of Mormon. My soft bed. Pain medicine.  

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