So because of what one doctor called an “alarming family history” for the Hite family, we took Lucas in for his first ever EKG. 
Here he is waiting to go in. 
On a funny note:
Mirah has a hard time smiling on command. 
Still, cutie. 
Speaking of cuties…
Here’s my little buddy getting all set up. 
Looking worried, and a little concerned. 
But perfect and cute and happy. 
The nurse said he was the calmest baby she had ever had in there. 

It all made me think of another baby, being cute. 
Mirah at the same age. Getting set up for he Holter test. 
Karl 4 years ago. 

Little brother. 

Just for fun, check out those little legs. 
Mirah took this picture while I was getting him dressed. 

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