Luke Update

Oh my sweet son. I just love this little guy so much. 
I can tell he is tired in this picture. 
How? His cheeks are all red. Mirah’s face used to do that too. 
LOTS of changed over the past couple of weeks. Like…
He has begun to hold things. Like this cute rattle my mom got for him. 
He has started reaching out for toys that he wants. 

Here he is swatting at the little elephant on his bouncer. 
We went to the doctor this week. His head is in the 70th percentile. Big ol’ head. 
This is him in a 6-12 mo hat grandma Hite bought for him. He is totally filling it out. 
Cuteness alert!
Aunt Belle got him this hat for halloween so he could be Yoda. 
We also had a visit while, Grandma Hite was in town, from Aunt Shirlene, 

And great Grandma and Grandpa Barney. 
Here is grandma holding Ginger.  I think. 
Final developmental thing to make note of…
Buddy loves to sit in his high chair! 
It has been fun to have him sitting up to the table with us when we eat. 
Last little note…
I think Karl is glad to have another dude in the house. 
Love my boys. 

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