Halloween FHE, The Reddochs

To start I have these pictures of Asher and Mirah. They were taken on the Sunday after the babies were born, while Betsy was still in the hospital with the babies. 
Here is Asher modeling his new pumpkin t-shirt from Grandma Hite. Also, the pumpkin bag that Grandma Hite made for him. 
Oh, the tower of blocks…I won’t tell the full story here, but that’s the tower, for those in the know. 
Mirah here, with jewel stickers from the Halloween carnival on her head. Hazel in the back ground. 

While we were at the house, these girls…
Betsy sent these amazing pictures to us. She took them of the girls while they were in the hospital. 

They made it home by Monday. Betsy and Nick invited us over for FHE, and we were greeted by this cuteness: 
It was so weird to see how big Lucas is compared to these lovely ladies. 
Here he is with Rosy. 
And with Grandma Hite. 
Little Rose Bud! 
I did the FHE about our bodies that Mary did with us one day. 
I knew the kids would LOVE to decorate their traced bodies. 
Here are the outcomes. 

Betsy and Ginger. 
Not even a week gone by and Betsy was looking fantastic.

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