Baby Blessings

The day started early. Cam’s church was in Salt Lake at 9:00 AM
We all gathered before it started at his place.

I guess I will just tell the story of the day, and then just let the pictures speak for themselves.
We went to Cam’s church first.
Cam, Dad, Karl, Adam and Cameron’s bishop stood in the circle.
It was a lovely blessing. All about how well Reese was loved and what a calm and peaceful boy he is and how those traits would bless those around him. 

Mirah playing in Sloan’s car. 

Then we went to our ward in Orem at 1:00 PM.
Lucas’s bless was lovely also.
His blessing was all about the choices ahead of him, about the blessings he has, and the love of his family all around him.

Karl, Cameron, Adam, My Dad, Nick, and ZachWhitmore were in the circle.  The Whitmores, The Reddoch’s (minus Betsy and the girls of course), and Karl’s mom were all there too.

Lynnelle’s plane left at 5. So she Nick and the boys had to run to the air port as soon as sacrament was over.
The Whitmores had to go to their own ward.
So just the Pipkin’s gathered at our house for dinner and pictures after the meeting.

Let the photos begin. 

The Murray City Pipkin’s 

The girls. 
The Pipkin Hites

Mom and Dad and Luke. 

Mom and Dad and the Boys. 

They Murray City Pipkins 

Everyone but Bleah. 
Cameron and his sisters. Plus the babes. 

All the grandkids. 

We hung out for a while. 

We had a pig pasta dinner, then watched Star Wars Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back. 
Then to bed Early. 

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