Halloween 2015

Mom and Dad were in town! Both Reese and Lucas were going to be blessed the next day. So they sweetly came in to see everyone. 

Here are mom and Mirah.
We went to down town Provo’s trick or treating. 

At the convention center we met up with Krysta and Karen. 
Mirah was excited to meet some lovely princesses. 
The Murry City Pipkin’s came and met up with us too.  
As well as the Maryn. 
Sloan was a race car driver. 
Mirah was excited to see her grandpa. 
He gave her a ride on his shoulders. 
The rest of the gang met up with us there too. 
Passing the not yet opened Provo City Center temple. 

The whole gang. 

Lucas as Yoda.

It was really nice to just be together and out as a group. 
We ordered in Chinese food. 
And went trick or treating down our street. 

Judah and Asher were with us as we visited all of our neighbors. 
So much fun…glad it is over. 

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