Halloween Carnival

The boys day care was putting on a Halloween carnival and Betsy and Nick invited us to go. 
So we got the kids in their costumes:
Angelina Ballerina and her cousin Henry. 

My cutie boys. 

Asher was a fireman, and wanted to take pictures. 
Judah was an astronaut and did not want to take pictures. 

We Loaded up in the car, and drove out to their day care in Springville. 
There was a trunk or treat element to the party first. 

Blood…in a fancy glass.

There were two trucks there:
Cup Bop, which we had for dinner. 
And waffle love which I ate up with vigor. 

Mirah was having fun. 
They had a couple of bouncy houses and the kids had a ball in them. We spent the majority of our time in here. 

On our way back to the car, we had our selves the misadventure of the staining purple cupcakes. 

They got all over everything and the food coloring in the icing was more of a trick than a treat. 
It stained like sharpie or coolaide and got on both of the kids costumes. 
Fingers crossed we can get it out. 

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