Fun Times with Grandparents

Now that the Rosy and Ginger are here, so are Grandma and Grandpa Hite. They come in, through the night, and arrived on their anniversary. So to celebrate their 39th year of marriage they took the whole gang out to Teppanyaki.
Everybody had a buddy:
Grandpa and Judah. 
Grandma and Asher. 
Karl and Mirah. 
Me and Lucas.

Mirah got tired…
(Not really)
Soups and Salads were served.
Grandma and Grandpa ordered apps too:
Tempura Veggies. 
and my meal came with meat sticks. 

Judah decided to take this time to try out some chop sticks. 
Mirah loved her soup.
Then the show began:
Our Chef warned us about the fire…you can just see the back of Asher in this one:
Judah, and Mirah. 
Totally gone. 
Mirah was on the edge of her seat.

There was a little more fire coming…
Mirah couldn’t handle it. 

The next day, we spent the day together.

We went to lunch at Chic Fillet.
Then we came here to this home pumpkin patch in Orem. 

Goblin Pumpkins. 
Judah and Asher. 
The sun was making it hard to look at the camera. 

So we loaded the kids up and took some pictures at our house:

Judah using his broken stem as a smile. 

After all this pumpkin stuff they all went to the movies, while Karl and I stayed home and took a nap. 

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