The Kids this Week

Mirah. I just love this kids. She is right in the middle of going crazy due to adjusting to a new little brother. LOTS of acting out, LOTS of potty “accidents,” and LOTS of early morning barge in’s. She is as cute and smart and cuddly as ever, she is really trying my patience these days and I find myself at the end of my rope all of the time. 

Still, she makes me laugh, and keeps my life bright.
Like this day when she dressed in all polka dots.

Or like when she came in while I was feeding Lucas in this little number:
She said she was a Dr. Princess Bride. 
I love her so much. 
Especially when she dresses up like Liz Lemon as a kid. 
Except she is just the most lovely beautiful little girl:
Our days are starting earlier these days. 
Here are the kids waiting as I make breakfast the other morning. 
Lucas is loving using the Bumbo. 
Getting so big and strong. 
On the other hand, he has an ear infection and is on antibiotics. And getting anything done these days, including this blog, is rough. I am typing one handed right now. 🙁
You can see his goopy eye. But look at that face. 
And even though my kids are driving me NUTS right now, between nursing and wiping up pee off of the floor and all the other little crazy things they do, I find my heart feeling really happy.
I just love these kids.

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