Rosy and Gigi

The girls are finally here!
Here I am with the boys on our way home from preschool when they got the news!
They were STOKED!

Yes you heard right, Betsy and Nick had their perfect baby girls this past Thursday afternoon and they are just precious.
I was so blessed to be able to go over and meet them in their room the next day.

I entered and two empty little baby beds greeted me:

(Rosy was spelled wrong on her be :/ BUT I wanted to remember that she was what they called “BABY A” which means that she was born first. 
Near the window were the new little ladies. Being loved and held by their doting Grandparents.   
Grandpa Hite here with little Rosy. 
And Grandma Hite with Gigi.

We I settled in and had Betsy tell me the whole story. No big complications. Things seemed to go well. She seemed to be feeling well. Just working through her bags of magnesium.
I didn’t mention that Judah and Asher were there too. They were so excited to see their mom and dad. Here is Nick telling us more details and showing us pictures of the delivery. 
Asher, talking with Besty. He missed her so much. 
Grandma Hite with all of the Reddoch Children. 
Ok, so here is miss Rosalind (Rosy) Belle Reddoch. 
Born 5 pounds 13 oz 17 inches.
Then Ginger (Gigi) Lauren Reddoch
6 pounds 7 oz 17.5 inches 

In Betsy’s words from Facebook:
Born via cesarean at 36 weeks gestation. Both girls are doing well and only had a brief 1 hour visit to the NICU for some assistance with their lungs (which are now functioning beautifully). Nick and I are in love with them both and totally blessed. We should all be home early next week. More (better) pics to come.
Here are each of the girls with their dad. 

And Ginger.
Yes, they have the same face. 
But Ginger is just a tap bigger right now.You can see the slight extra poundage in her little face. 
So sweet. 
Rosy with her mom, the conquering hero! 
Now with both her babies, looking so happy!

This little lady settling down for some rest. 

Now Ginger’s turn. 

Later Karl and I switched up, and he went up to meet the girls.
These are the pictures he took:
Ginger with Grandma.
Rosey with mom. 
Betsy text this one to me today of the girls all dressed up. 
Such sweet hearts. I am so excited to get to know them!

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