HeeHaw Farms

What a fun day a fall fun! 
For Preschool, with Mirah’s Preschool, we went out to HeeHaw farms in Pleasant Grove. 
Under great duress we got her to wear her preschool sweater as required by her class rules.
We arrived right on time.
Here Mirah is looking at a house of pumpkins. 
A lot of kids also came with their whole families. 
Our first stop was to visit the animals in the petting zoo. 
With this guy. 
And this goat.

Lucas and I are watching on. 
They asked that the kids to not chase the animals….But they are three and ducks run so fast! 

This goat was pregnant. 
We then moved on to the big slide. 
This was by far Mirah’s favorite activity of the day. She had at least three rides and would have done more if she could. 

Her last ride with her teacher, Ms. Vickie. 

One cool thing here is that there were all sorts of old tractors to climb up on. Here is Mirah on an out of commission John Deer. 

I pulled her down from the tractor and she ran off and climbed into this tube. 
Here are some more pictures of Mirah running around:

The group headed over to the hay ride. 
Here’s Mirah with her friend from class:
Liloette and Ruby. 
Our driver:

Luke an me, Luke having a nap. 
The teachers:
Miss Juliene, her daughter, Miss Abrea, and Miss Marica the dance teacher. 
Then off to the corn maze. 
It was by far the most stressly and exhusting part of the day. Therefore no pictures. 
The maze spit us out in a pumpkin patch. 
and sunflower field. 
On our way out Mirah hit her head on the rabit cage. After getting a bandaid, and holding a bunny she felt a lot better. 
Me after everything. Yeah. Fun, but I needed a nap. 

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