Christmas Card Picture…Attempt

After finally getting all of our outfits together and finding a time where Chelsea could come over to be our photographer we finally took out family Christmas card photo. 

There were still a few problems.
First was that Chelsea’s time was limited. So it was a race against the clock.
Second, Mirah was in a mood:
Yes a mood where she really didn’t want to cooperate. As this picture exemplifies.  
Third problem…Lucas was sleepy. Chelsea showed up right as Luke was supposed to be napping. 
At first it was kind of funny. 

But as time went on, it became less funny. 
I began to loose it a little. 
As did Mirah. She was loosing it the most. 
Still we got a few nice shots. 
Chelsea left, and Karl and I tried to get a few shots of the kids. 
But Lucas was really getting sleepy. 
This seemed to settle Mirah down for a minute. 
Little beauty. 
Lucas was fading. 

I tired to get him to wake up…
Then Mirah started to loose focus. 
Mirah ran off…then Lucas fell asleep.

After getting him to sleep…
We, mistakenly, tried again with Mirah. 
Pouting on a pumpkin. 

Trying to laugh. 
I had an idea. 
Mom and Daughter.

With our Pumpkins. 

Karl, being an awesome dad and meeting her where she was.

Mirah really starting to loose interest. 
Here I am telling her I will give her Swedish Fish if she would smile.  
Win. Round one goes to bribery. 
Mirah and Karl and their pumpkins. 

When and got Lucas…still sleeping. 
Gave him, his pumpkin.
I should have offered candy when we started. 
The Hite Pumpkin family. 

The faces of a group that is done taking pictures. 
We will see what we can use…

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