Pumpkin Party

Last week we got this invite in the mail:
So this afternoon we got the kids all ready to go in their costumes:
Ok, this is just a place holder for Luke. 
We are still working on his costume. 
Here they are in front of the house. 

We got all loaded up and headed out to South Jordan. 
My family. 
Me and my little buddy. Holding his first pumpkin. 
So tiny. 
Mirah was a having a ball picking out pumpkins. 
We got a little cart. 
Went out to pick the perfect pumpkins. 
So many pumpkins, so little time. 
Got em. 

One hard gotten photo of the group. 

After we got our pumpkins paid for by Craig,  we ate dough nuts and drank apple juice. Mirah got her prize for dressing up: a jump rope and another pair of pink glasses. 
We loaded the kids and the pumpkins into the car, went to Chipotle for dinner and are now in bed. 
So much fun. 
Thanks to Craig for a fun evening. As we left we thanked him for a great night, and he said he would be seeing us in December…for STAR WARS!!! 🙂

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