Angelina Ballerina- The Costume

Halloween season is here and with my mom’s genius inspired suggestion we found the PERFECT costume for Mirah. Angelina Ballerina, this is by far Mirah’s favorite book series.

For the past year every time we have gone to the library we have checked out at least one Angelina book. Mirah dresses up like Angelina twice a week. She is such a sweet little character.
Here she is:
Did you know it is impossible to find an Angelia costume? Also, they only make grey mouse costumes. So we were excited to make it at home. 
Trouble is I have an injured finger. I cut it on Sunday when I was making a salad. 
All we had to do was make ears, and a tail. I also needed to get a pink tutu and modify Mirah’s ballet shoes. 
It only took a couple of hours, including a trip to the store for the skirt, to get the whole thing together. 
She was pretty excited. 

A couple video’s of Mirah in action that night.

Karl did a cute little photo shoot with her. 

My little mouse. 
We hot glued ribbon to her ballet shoes. 
I made the tail with the left over fabric I used for the ears. 
Then glued it onto a clip. 


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