Corn Maze 2015

It was a beautiful Saturday evening and as often happens there is lots to do in the fall here in Utah Valley. We went over to Jaker’s pumpkin patch to go and try to pick our pumpkin this year. It was completely overrun, we couldn’t even get parking. In Springville. On the day of the BYU homecoming game, during the game. 
So, we switched gears and headed over to the corn maze out in Provo. 
Betsy is a million years hugely pregnant with twins, so she got a pass this year. 
We bought our tickets, and the first stop was the corn pit. 

This was actually a bean bag toss that the kids wanted to pose in. 

My boys. 
This picture shows up close that Lucas is loosing his hair. It is thinning and falling out. Unlike Mirah. He is just so different than Mirah in so many ways. He is a worse sleeper, a better eater. He is loosing his hair, and seems to already be getting teeth. Love him just the same.

We headed out to the next activity. Their were activities everywhere.
Here is Nick doing the Zombie bean bag toss. 
Then there was the bouncy ball race. 

Our family posing. 
Then the boys.
Back to the:

More posing. 
Then we Asher and Mirah took a little ride. 
Waving goodbye. 
The ride was longer than ever this year. 
My boys. Watching. 
Our 11 year old driver…Brody. 

Finally! We made it to the maze!

We had to find all of the prints in the maze. 

We did it. 
We made it! 

On the train…one more time. 
Karl and I got on this time. 
Fun…but not really made for an adult to ride comfortably. 
We got our prize for finding all of the prints in the maze. 
Then back to the Reddoch’s house for Pizza dinner. 

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