Preschool Fun Times

Mirah has been doing four days of preschool a week. Two days at the preforming arts preschool. One day with Mary, and one day with me. 

This week was quite a fun week.

Tuesday was Johnny Apple Seed day. They ate apples, read a story, and made these sweet hats. 

It’s like Johnny’s hat. 
We have been doing a different letter every week at our preschool co-op. 
This we was C! 
And I did this little project. 
C is for cookie. 
I wrote big letter C’s on paper plates, made some cookie dough and had the girls fill in the C’s with the cookie dough. 
Even the cute and lovely lady Ivy did a great job. 
Alice did so great! 
So did Mirah, even though she didn’t know how to take a picture with her cookie. 
Getting them onto the cookie sheet from the plates was the trickiest part.

Alice, Mirah, and Ivy’s cookies. 
Then we had carrot sticks, and cheese sticks! 
And of course cookies for snacks. 
Today, Thursday, Mirah’s preschool went to the fire station. 

Mirah help act out what to do when you hear a fire alarm. 

The fire men gave us all of the fire safety tips we could handle, with sample rooms and all. 

Then they brought us out to see some sweet trucks!
Here are the kids in Mirah’s preschool.
Thomas, Lucy, Tabby, Mirah, and a girl I do not know. 
Here they are with their teacher Ms. Vicky. 

Mirah even tried on a fireman’s coat…
Or super underwhelmed. 
The firemen and the gang. 
Mirah learning so much. Love this little lady learner. 

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