Chalk the Block 2015

Fall is offically here when Chalk the Clock at the Riverwoods is here.
It was a warm day though, and we were still trying to hold on to some summer fun.
So, before we checked out all of the art, we made a quick stop at the splash pad. 
We were literally the only people who had a kids in a bathing suit. 
Mirah was excited and wanted to really get into it, so she asked me to take her hair out. 
Look at all that hair. That crazy crazy hair. 
I just love this little face. I mean look at this face!!!! 
Back to her jumping and romping. 
Speaking of sweetness…
Hite family selfie! 
We met up with the Whitmores:
Grandma Janne, Story, Krysta, and Karen. 
So in case you never knew:
Chalk the block is chalk are in parking spaces. 
Check this out:
Chang-braham Lincoln. 
The world. 

The theme this year was “From Sea to Shining Sea.”
Cute. And so sad. And too much like festival of trees, I was weeping. 
I looked it up when I got home:
Just so much more weeping. 
Squeezed this little guy so hard. 
Anther great one. 

Ah ha!!!

When we were finished, sat down together.
Kids can make anything a jungle gym. 
Even a shark bike rack. 
These two girls. 
Such a nice evening with friends. 

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