The In-between

Between Preschool with Mary, and Preschool at the Center Stage Preforming Arts preschool, life is a lot of preschool. We have been busy in between too. 
We had a playdate last week with Claire and her sweet kiddos at Neilson’s Grove park. 
Mirah and Ginny feeding the ducks and looking over the water. 
We still spend time in the yard most days. On one such day, Mirah likes to draw with chalk. 
Mirah is learning lots these days, she wrote the letter A all on her own the other day. 
You can see it next to her foot. 
She volenteered this skill. 
Then I asked if she knew how to draw any other letters. She said she did. She said she could draw and H. So she did. 
Then she said she could make it into an A, and added a line at the top. 
Then she added a line at the bottom and said it was a backpack. 
Lucas was impressed. 
She has finally started to get how to peddle her tricycle, and has begun riding it around. 
Karl has been busy with work and Weblos. They hiked Stewart falls last week. 
Church Youth Volleyball has started up again, and I am coaching. My girls had their first game last week, and then won. I am really enjoying my calling. 
Lucas of course has been a little sweetie these days. He and I are together a lot of course. Lots of snuggles, lots of naps. 

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