Lucas Lately

Lucas is officially two months old and it seems like a good time to give him a look. 
He is still tiny. 
This is my thumb, next to his little foot. 
Another funny thing, is if he isn’t swaddled he sleeps with his arms up. 
The other night we were up watching a moving and he was doing what looked like Force Lightning. 

Like this guy:

It is funny to watch this in action. 
He has also started his little smiles. 
wait for it…
There it is.

He is looking so big, but he is still so tiny. 
He has started doing the super root on his Dad’s nose. 
You know, like Mirah did at this age:
They look so much alike. 
He is just sweet. 
His sleep is getting a little better. 
I tell you what though, the boy can eat. 
So in love. 

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