Labor Day FFUFR

What labor day is complete with out a sweet BBQ. 
And it your best buds are the Whitmores, it’s going to be pretty rockin’. 
We met up at Paul Ream wilderness park. And as we crossed the bridge we were met by this sign. 
As we approached the BBQ, we were met by Karen and her amazing bubble wand. 
The day was beautiful. Cool, but sunny. Warm enough to be in sandals and shorts, still cool enough that we didn’t feel hot. Paul Ream is one of my favorite parks in Provo. So pretty. 
There is a little stream and a duck pond and the whole area is surrounded by trees. 
Krysta was on the grill. 
So we were all together for a BBQ on Labor day to watch and enjoy the FFUFR
Thats the Fun Fun Underground Forest Race. 
This started back in 2011. I have a post from the event that summer here:
I have a few other posts as we have been to many of these races over the years. This post is just the first. 
The same trophy from that first summer…the top of it at least. 
Other gifts for the winners. 

This event has so many feelings for me. 
I wasn’t a mom when they started doing this race, now I have two kids. 
Karen is a grown up now, Mirah is 3 and a half. 

Dinner was served. 
Graham welcomed the group. He wasn’t blessing the food, it kind of looks like it. 
Krysta finally took a break from cooking to give this baby a snuggle. 
After dinner…the race was on. 
They did 4 or 5 heats. One was even a women’s heat. 

The kids played on the little bridge in the middle of the park, which was also in the middle of the race. There were actually 2 water crossings in the run this time, and the bridge was positioned between both of them so we got a good view of some of the best moments of the race. 

Here with Krysta, Heather, Karl and the kids waiting for the last heat. 
It was at this point my phone died. I got the rest of these pics from facebook. 
Here is one I think was from Krysta. 
The winners, The ladies heat, the race, and one of the water crossings. 
The rest were taken by Lee Bobby a photographer who was there taking pictures of the event. She is very talented. 
The gang at that years BBQ
 I just LOVE this picture. The light, the color, it captures so perfectly the feeling of the race right before the rides come flying by. 
Perfect event! 

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