Alice’s Super Hero Birthday!!

On the morning of Labor Day we were all invited over to the Lund’s house to celebrate Alice’s 4th birthday! And what a celebration is was! 
We were welcomed by a table full of friendly faces :
Milly, Alice (the birthday girl) and Ivy.
The warm up activity was coloring sheets of super heroes! 
Mirah chose to color Wonder Woman.

While we were coloring, Mary came out with another surprise:
Super hero costumes for everyone!
Yes, the most amazing Mary had made capes for the kids. She made them out of small t-shirts from the dollar store. They even had super hero masks, to protect their real identities. 
Mirah and Alice.
I was so glad that Mirah chose to wear these boots that day. It really made the outfit. 
Super Ivy to save the day!!
Did I mention that Batman himself was at the party??
(Spoiler, it was Alice’s uncle Johnny, Mary’s youngest brother.)
Looking good. 
My FAVORITE  one. I don’t even know who did this. 
The next activity:
Super Hero Obstacle Course! 
The kids did some practicing! 

Karl and Lucas relaxed while the gang ran around. 

Mirah took her turn to run the course! 

Around the balls…
Over the super fire bar! 
Alice at the end of her run!

Mary even took a turn, she was impressive. 

Karl did a run, but I was too busy laughing and holding the baby to take any pictures. His time was amazing. His run was amazing, and hilarious. All I have to remember it was, these amazing grass stains. I will say, instead of going around the balls he just jumped from one ball to the other with one foot. Right to left to right to left to right… so funny.
Finally, Batman made his run. Triumphantly. 
There was a little downtime after this. The kids played on the trampoline. 

Mirah didn’t want to take this picture…obviously. 
The main event…the cake. 
The amazing Mary made it herself. 
A superhero cake . With a homemade fondant cape, and a surprise inside. 
Now we sang happy birthday! 
Millie jumps in to help. 
According to Mary, Alice requested this cake, a piñata cake. 4 layers of a cake, the two middle layers have a circle cut out of them. Stuffed with M&M’s.  
I call this a success. 
Mirah was in candy/cake heaven. 
Speaking of candy…
Piñata time! 
The kids had a TON of loot! 
If Alice’s gifts had a theme it might be Dogs. 
She got, among other things, two stuffed dogs that were purses, and one stuffed dog that came with a purse to store it in. 
The Gang! 
Mirah had such a fun time. 
Mary modeling one of the doggie purses. This is the one that we gave Alice. 
While I was taking this picture, Alice was checking out her haul. 
So Mary told us that for her birthday, Alice had been asking and praying for a doggie, or a baby. 
We tried to give her an opportunity to at least hold a baby on her birthday. 
Such a fun party. 
Hope you have a great 4th year Alice!!

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