9th Anniversary

So yesterday was our 9th anniversary. We already took a trip to celebrate back in June so the day was untraditionally low key. 
I went and got a $4.95 cronut for us to share. Who could eat one of these monster by themselves? 
 It is a deep fried croissant filled with chocolate mousse covered in powdered and granular sugar.  

 Karl was already at work when we finally bought it. So we met him there with a little treat. 
 Mirah got some too. 
My day was spent with the kids and Karl’s was at work. 

When he got home we went right out to get a new table. 
This is our old table. 

We have been shopping for months for a new table. We went to RC Willie as well as IKEA. We basically knew the one we wanted at IKEA, so we ended up there for dinner before we committed to it. 
 We did the IKEA dinner right. 

 The main drawback to IKEA…
Hours of building after spending gobs of money!
We were up until 1:30 AM. 
 Worth it. 
We stayed up playing high low: talking about the highs and lows of the past 9 years. 
Look at these children. 

 Look at these children! 

They are of course are on the top of the list of highs. 
Buying a house, graduating from college
Our travels together, getting jobs, biking around Provo. 
Lows. Well miscarriages, not being able to get pregnant,  missing our flight to Mexico, getting stuck in the rain going to a job interview in Portland, the several deaths among friends and families, more embarrassing and terrible things.  
Blessed, really in most every area we have been so blessed. 
Love my husband. Love my kids. Love my family. 

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