Ice Skating

Karl and Mirah were watching TV together and there was something about ice skating on. Mirah began to ask about where you can ice skate and Karl told her most big cities have places you can skate even during the summer. She asked if we had a place to skate here. Karl said yes, we do. 
“Can we go today?”
It wasn’t practical to go skating that day, but Karl said, 
“We can go sometime next week.”
She didn’t seem to believe him, so he PINKY promised her, with their pinkies, that he would take her sometime the next week.
Under the wire…Saturday morning arrived and we were up bright and early, ready to skate! 
The Seven Peaks Ice Arean in Provo had everything that we needed. 
Since it was the promise that Karl made to Mirah that brought us there, I sat out this one and Daddy and daughter had their day. 
Getting skates on. 
Tiny little skates. 
I was ok. I got to watch and have a snuggle with my little man. 
Mirah all outfitted and ready to skate!

Mirah wanted to try on her own. They had these little ice walker thing, so we rented one. 

She did Okay with it.
She got a little tired after another lap, so we rested and watched Karl skate on his own for a while. 

She wanted another lap or two. 
I love these cuties. Almost as much as they love each other. 

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