Steak Dinner with the Hites

Poor Jim had to work over the holidays. So as soon as they were over, he headed up to be with his family in Utah. Lynnelle had been with her kids for Christmas and then visited her parents in Logan for new years. They stayed a couple of days with Betsy and Malia in Day Break. Now they were here with Karl and his family!

As usual, the offered to take us to dinner. We did Texas Road House!

(Poor Lucas had had his seizure the night before, bis fever was gone, but you can still see the after effects in his little boy eyes.)

Still crazy and full of energy.

He climbed under the table to be with Grandma and Grandpa.

It was such a great dinner. Steak, Potatoes, cheese fries, honey butter rolls, ribs. Yeah it was pretty great.

Thanks Jim and Lynnelle!!

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