Movie with Grandparents

Grandpa Hite loves to spend time with his grand babies. One thing he loves to do is to take the kids to the movies. Lucas proved to us when we went to see Coco, that he was still too young to go to the movies.

So  a Mirah date with both of her grandparents? I never ever got to do anything like that when I was a kid!

They went to see My Little Pony The Movie. It had been out for a while, so the only place it was showing was a dollar theater in Sandy. No problem for these sweet and doeding grandparents!

Mirah was SO excited. We got all dressed up in her My Little Pony sweater. And she even took her new Twilight Sparkle Doll.

She got packed up in Grandma’s rental car.

The of course gave her a great time. They got her popcorn and a drink and candy at the theater. THEN afterwards they took her to McDonald’s for a mc nugget happy meal

They were happy, but all tuckered out when they got home.

So thankful for our wonderful Hite Grandparents! We love you guys!! Thanks for always being so kind, generous, and thoughtful to my kids.

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