The Reception

The reception started at 5:00. The weather was just perfect and the party was all set up and beautiful. 
Mom and her college friend Nancy getting it al set up. 
The center pieces turned out great. Adrienne was such a champ. 
The cup cakes, instead of a cake. Three different kinds. The tan one, was AMAZING. Ducle de Leche. YUM!!
Our only Utah family that came. The Sukers! 
With a call of a ice cream truck music the taco truck finally arrived! 
Dad welcomed everyone, and we had a prayer. 

Everyone cued up. 
Even the cute couple had a chance to have a taco!

The tables of visitors!


Now a bunch of pictures of people with my baby. 

Three generations of Pipkin men. 
Mirah and her dad. 
Bryanne and I had a nice little chat. 

Nancy with Reese. 
Mother and sister of the groom. 
Janet and Carol Ann.
These lovely ladies. 

getting silly and enjoying a few more tacos before the fun really began. 
The following picutres were taken from people on facebook. 
There was much discussion about dancing at the wedding. In the end it happened.
Don’t believe me just watch:
The best picture of the day. I love these two so much. 
Mom even got in on it for a while

My pics again. 
Karl with Lucas. 
The night ended with us taking the kids home and passing out. 

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