The Payson Temple

So we all made it over the beautiful Payson temple with the kids and time to spare.
Mirah and I mimicing the picture we took at the open house 
Here we are back in May.
Ahhh, so much has changed.

It was a lovely ceremony. The sealing room was full. Adam has lots of friends and family there. It was a pretty long ceremony. The sealer gave them three things that they should do to help their eternal marriage succeed.

1. Learn to be selfless
2. Learn to forgive
3. Learn to sacrifice.

Here we are, after the ceremony.
Mirah went on a walk with Brandon while we were inside and Zac Whitmore took Lucas into the waiting room so hw wouldn’t get too hot.
Here are the kids together. 

The one criticism of the beautiful Payson temple…NO SHADE! We all huddled under the entryway trying to beat the heat and sun. Oh well, give those new tress a few more years to grow, and the problem will be solved. 
Karl and Zac, smiling so cutely for me while we waited. 
The cute Whitmore family:
The Reddochs were there too. 
The Murry Pipkin family. 
Little Sloan. 
And sweet Reese. 

The time had come to take some family photos and pics of the group, and Mirah wasn’t being super cooperative about wearing the flower crown that was made for her. 
Sloan would wear it. 
Karen even wore it. 
It was only after bribing her with a bag of skittles that she agreed to keep it on. 
You can see by the look on her face, she really wanted those skittles. 
She forgot about her objections after a little while though. 

The lovely Kelsey Rock was there, here she is with Maryn. 
Adriann and Maryn. 

One of the most exciting faces…Bryanne Hull Gleed. 
My best friend as a young child. 
Here she is with Lucas. 

Her mom Sunny enjoying my kiddos. 
Then the whole gang! Caron and his new wife, Sunny, Bryanne and her husband too. 

Natalie Hansink, Allison Hansink Adams, and Danille Macate. All lovely women from the Valley. 
Branny, Ruth, and Kanisha. These girls are good friends of the couple from Hawaii. 
Along with Senica, and this girl. 
Tahnee Cadrez and Deidre Corda.
And here they are again, the best friends crew of the bride. 
Carol Ann, Rachel and Brain. Rachel is Adam’s cousin, who also works with Karl at Quatrics. 
Mom and Dad looking happy. 

After a time of waiting and getting sun soaked the couple finally exited the temple! 

With her bouquet 

Then trying it again with out Adam’s bag and with her flower crown. 

Ziandra and her new husband Keenen. 
Adam’s brother Eric and his wife Audrey. 
The rest of the gang as the couple got photographed. 
Janet and Cameron.
My friends hanging out with out me. 
Laughing candidly. 

My handsome sweetheart. 

Kelly and Sloan. 
The gang was moving on for more pictures. 
Brandon, helping Mirah keep it reverent. 

Pipkin family. 

Dad in Krystin’s glasses. 
Belle’s mission friends and companions. 
Hermana Maxwell and her parents. They generously hosted the party later that night. 
The parents of the Bride. 
It was at this point my family needed me and things got nuts. 

Me and my family. 
Bell and Mirah. 

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