The Day Before the Wedding

It was the day before Belle’s big day and the gang arrived!!
Deedrie, Adrienne, and Tahnee arrived. Belle put them right to work. 
Mirah got busy too. 
First they seperated all the types of flowers, and them made all of the arrangements for the center pieces at the wedding. 
Then with the remaining flowers we made flower crowns. 
These girls. 
Ziandra here helping out. 

Mirah even got a crown. 
After that was all done, they all decided to sit outside and talk. Mirah wanted to be a part of it and made Tahnee put on this “cape” which was an old wrap for flowers. 

Janet came to do boutonnieres and she and Krystin basically just knocked them out in less than an hour.
And Luke slept on. 
Photographing Branny and the baby, the cutest Mirah photo bomb ever. 

After all the work was done, we met up with the Litsters for dinner. Post to follow….

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