Bachelorette Party

The lovely Kelsey Rock threw my lovely baby sister a lovely Bachelorette party.
We were going to do it at my place, but I think my mom talked them out of it. So we all met up at the Chocolate.

Kelsey and Maryn did some cute decorating.

And some delicious treats too.

Belle and Kanish. 

We accidnetlally split up into tables. 
The Hawaii table. 

The El Centro table. 

The BYU/ mission table. 
Then of course the sisters. 
We played a game. Kelsey asked had asked Adam a bunch of questions, like where did you meet, and we got to see how close their answers were. She did pretty well too. 
NEXT: We opened the presents. I am too prudish to post pictures of my sister opening lacy underwear on my blog so I will leave it here with this black bag and let you imagine. 
Big sisters were horrified…not really. 

It was a really nice party. 
Belle is all ready…to get married. 

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