Last Trip to Grandmas

Grandma’s house was sold, and Aunt Janet is moving out on Friday. 
So we stopped by for one last visit. 
We would open the door and say, “hello…” And grandma would return with, “Hello, come in!”
Branny had just arrived in town late the night before and he had a new best friend 10 minutes into our visit to grandmas:

We thought that the house was empty of treasures, but we were totally wrong. 

Tomboy-for Just a Minute!

Catching up on the News
Here’s a stroy about me

While we were there Belle’s seamstress brought by her wedding dress…
Well not the actual one she wanted to wear but the one she thought she wanted. 

We were able to help empty out the water from the food storage. We kept a few of the bottles.

Afterwards we went to see Kelly and the boys  

This little boy…SO cute!!
This little guy. He stares at you until he catches your eye and then gives you the biggest smile.
So cute.
We had lunch at the house. It was so nice to all be together.

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