Nunn’s Park with the Gang

After a crazy day together, running here there and everywhere, we had a nice relaxing evening up Provo Canyon near the river. 
We had a little spot in Nunns park. 
Mom and Dad snuggled by the water.
First things first, we built a fire. 
Krystin didn’t want to get stinky fire hair, so she took precautions. 
Brandon couldn’t have cared less. 
These two little love birds. 

Me and this guy. He had a nice time out there. 
This little bird. She insisted on wearing all red for some reason. 
Then she started to complain of being too cold, and wanted to wear Adam’s sweater. 
It was such a lovely evening, perfect weather. 

Adam ready to cook some tin foil dinners.
The fire was ready, to put our tin foil dinners

I guess we could have used the grill. 

After deciding that we shouldn’t grill her…we went and played on the grass. 
Dinner was almost ready and we sat up to the table. 
Hi ladies. 
Kelly, Cam, and Reese came a little later, but in time for some dinner! 

Karl took Luke for me so I could eat too. 

We all went back to the house and chilled for a while. 

Kelly had calculated that the babies are 41 days apart. 
A good size difference still, but Cam thinks in a few more months we won’t be able to tell. 
Excited for the day that we can do this more. 

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