So on mom’s last day in town we had bunches of things to do. One such errand was picking up Chelsea’s wedding invitations. A friend of Adam’s hooked them up with a really great deal. All of the Invitations, photos, and inserts for less than $130. 
There was one catch: the friend works at a textbook printing company, in the middle of nowhere West Orem. It was just really funny they way it all happened. We went to the front desk of the address given. When we asked to see Landon, who was apparently expecting us, we were told we would need to go around to the back of the building, to receiving. 
There was a guy on the back a forklift at the back of the building who helped my mom go into this door:
It was in a building, to the side of the receiving area. 
Then he emerged, without my mom. 
I waited 10 minutes…
My mom finally came out, carrying a little box, followed by a kid, presumably Landon?
Everything turned out well, and then even got some extras. 
Meanwhile, I missed my nap…but the kids were fine in the back, sleeping through the whole thing. 

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